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Complaints of mothers During pregnancy and to look out for

Complaints of mothers During pregnancy and to look out for

During pregnancy, a bumil will be faced with a wide range of processes and changes to her body. Those changes will make bumil body felt different and cause a variety ofcomplaints. The complaints often raises concerns on bumil and his partner. To look out for is when it turns out that the perceived complaint arising from a change that is not normal or pathological.

This time the article will discuss about the various complaints frequently felt by bumilas well as the causes of the incidence of these complaints. This time article also discusses when such complaints should look out for.

1. Nausea, vomiting, no appetite

Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy is natural and young named emesis gravidarum.This is because the HCG hormone activities occur that role to help maintain the pregnancy until placenta function be perfect. This ordinary complaint, culminating inpregnancy 9-12minggu and began to improve at the age of 16 weeks of pregnancy.When nausea vomiting excessively then called hiperemesis gravidarum, where eating and drinking is not possible patients Cara Menghilangkan Mual Saat Hamil Muda. At this time treatment in hospitals is best toprevent the occurrence of dehydration and electrolyte balance disorders.

The principle of handling emesis gravidarum is strive to keep gaining enough liquids,through drinking or fruits with high fluid levels such as watermelon, guava, etc. In addition, there is no special dietary restrictions in the type of food. But laboured toconsume foods that are acidic and not spicy. Or food that is stimulating the stomach.Eat in small portions, but often as well as providing healthy snacks ready to be consumed at anytime is the recommended diet.

When nausea is felt constantly, then to look out for some of the diseases that can accompany such as heartburn, hepatitisinflammation of the gallbladder, etc.

2. Hot and cold, malaise

While pregnant young to enter the 2nd trimester, bumil often felt he was a bit hectic.All felt like when someone is unwell or are willing to get sick of the flu. This occursdue to hormonal changes during pregnancy. These hormonal changes cause an increased amount of blood flow in the skin surface so that caused a sensation all day.

No special handling for these complaints. Consumption of plenty of fluids will help to overcome the loss of fluids due to evaporation of the body.

To look out for when the perceived up to hot and cold chills or feel the cold arrived toshiver attempting to understand Cara Mengatasi Perut Kembung Saat Hamil Muda or Soon did the measurement of body temperature with a thermometer and immediately to the doctor.